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Xbox 360 DVD Drive Repairs

Xbox 360 DVD Drive Repairs at Affordable Prices

If you have a Microsoft Xbox 360 DVD drive that requires repair in the UK, then you have come to the right place. Creative IT is at your service. Based in Central London, Creative IT strives to provide high quality, outstanding Xbox 360 DVD drive repairs with same day turnaround. If your Xbox 360 is freezing during games or returning the dreaded Dirty Disc Error you are almost certain to have a DVD drive problem.

At times when you try to eject a disc by pressing the eject button, the disc drive does not open on your Xbox 360 console. This may be a hardware failure with the console, the disc drive, or the eject button. If manually trying to eject the disc from the disc tray doesn’t resolve your issue, contact us for Xbox 360 DVD drive repairs for your console.

The common Xbox 360 DVD drive error codes users experience include E64, E65 and E66.

E64: DVD Drive Error - Drive timeout or incorrect firmware; often caused by scratched discs, though other causes are general, as well.

E65: DVD Drive Error - mainly caused by a DVD tray/drawer that did not fully close.

E66: DVD Drive Error - DVD model, version or software do not match. This can happen when a different DVD drive is installed other than what was initially installed from the factory. Firmware/hardware conflicts are the usual issue.

Our Xbox 360 DVD drive repair technicians will gladly fix any of the issues including

• Unplayable Disc errors
• Unrecognized Disk Errors
• Damaged or Dirty Disk Errors
• Drive Door won’t open
• Drive Tray is damaged

If your laser is found to be dead, we will replace it with a new one. We can even offer you a brand new replacement DVD-ROM drive for your Xbox 360 console. Please feel free to contact us at 020 7232 5027 or email us at info@londonxbox360repair.com with any further queries regarding our Xbox 360 DVD drive repairs in UK.

To begin the process and get a quote for your Microsoft Xbox 360 repair, please complete the form below. We'll respond within 24 hours with a quote and further instructions:

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Model : xbox 360
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Tel: +44 0207 232 5027

80 Willow Walk, The Willows, Unit 1, London, SE1 5SY


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